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    I love your plugin and I want to use it for our company. I tested your plugin and it is working perfect. But that is with 4 or 5 participants…

    If I’m going to use this plugin we will have over 2000 participants…

    Is this possible with your plugin and statistics in it? Can you set a maximum for “players” in the sidebar? Because when I have over 2000 participants the list will be very long… and you get so many lines when somebody is selecting everyone for a comparison…

    Just curious if this plugin can handle such amount of participants..

    Kind regards


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  • Plugin Author AntoineH


    Hi Joep,

    The current version does not have an option to restrict the number of users in the user selector widget which is used on the stats page. But I am currently adding hooks to the plugin for the new version and the development version (can be downloaded here) has a filter to restrict the number of users that are displayed in the user selector.

    I requires a bit of PHP knowledge to use these hooks; don’t know if you have experience. One example for the user selector hook:

    add_filter( 'footballpool_userselector_widget_users', 'just_10_users' );
    function just_10_users( $a ) {
    	return array_slice( $a, 0, 10 );

    When the above code is added to (e.g.) your theme functions-file only the first 10 users in the pool will be displayed in the widget.

    If someone wants to select a lot of users to compare, it will take some processing power of the computer they are on (highcharts is a client side javascript charts API). I don’t know what the limit is where highcharts will stop working.

    The plugin should be able to handle a lot of users (I once tested with 1000 users on a local install). The ranking page is not optimized for a large list of users, but you can also use the ranking shortcode or widget which have an option to restrict the amount of users to show. And something to keep in mind is that the score calculation also takes a lot of time with this many users.


    Hi Antoine,

    Thanks for the fast reply! The version you just provided is that a lot different from the version you can download directly from the plugin page?

    I’ll try the part of code you provided above:) Will let you know if I got it working. I know this is a question you probably cant answer but how long it took you to calculate a new score with 1000 users?

    And is it possible to add pagination to the ranking page? So you always show the top 20 and you can navigate furder and furder with pagination. Because a list of 2000 users is a bit long;)

    Sorry for all those questions and dont get me wrong because I really like your plugin.



    Plugin Author AntoineH


    The development version is – at this moment – not all that different from the 2.3.5 version. I just started development on the new version, so just a few new hooks and some small code changes (rewrites, no new functionality), that’s all.

    About the calculation: I can’t remember how long it took, but a few minutes at least.

    Pagination is not available on the ranking page, but the filter footballpoll_ranking_array can be used to alter the users in the ranking. So this makes it possible to split the ranking into pages yourself. The plugin has a class for pagination that can be implemented, or you can write the page handling completely yourself; whichever you prefer.

    Hi AntoineH

    Thanks for your reply. Pagination would be very usefull in the ranking system. When you have a lot of users you get a huge list en the load time is longer than a list of maximum 50 or something.

    I allready noticed the pagination class but to be honest my php knowledge is unfortunately to weak. I also searched on google for some handy plugins but I cant make this pagination on my own.

    I’m almost afraid to ask but can you help me with this?:)

    Plugin Author AntoineH


    If you download the latest development release there is an example on the help page on how to get the paged ranking with the new filters.

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