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    There is no definite limit. This depends on many factors. You shouldn’t worry too much about this as it is not likely you will hit a limit giving the right conditions. If you do in fact hit a limit, that would mean your store is a huge store like and you wouldn’t be here using WordPress and would be either custom building it or using an enterprise level e-Commerce like Magento or something else similar.

    Let me ask differently the same question 🙂 … Would 2500 products / 250 categories / 1000 sales a month be ok with WooCommerce ?

    Thank you for the reply royho. It’s funny that you mention Magento; the reason I posed the question is that I have a client who has multiple sites, one being an eCommerce site currently using Magento. I just checked and she has around 5,700 different sku’s altogether. Granted the number is a grand total with products, and their different variations all added together, but that is still a rather large number.

    I’m a little apprehensive to go with WooCommerce in this particular case, but I am not at all familiar with Magento, which is the reason we’re looking to other frameworks. Does anyone have any suggestions for a more user friendly, yet robust eCommerce system worth looking in to?

    Magento is a nightmare to operate – so many hoops to jump just to display anything. Woocommerce is the only descent e-commerce for WP, although I never tested it with many products yet. Good as a case study, but in the real world with many products, who knows?

    That said, I also use Opencart, which is the best e-commerce for me that I found, but surprisingly enough it does not have product variation combinations the way woocommerce has to properly account your inventory. Luckily though, there is a plugin for that for $25, which does exactly that, and is better than Woocommerce, since you don’t have the 50 combination limit, and your variations can be edited easier on the screen, and furthermore, you can import/export these variation combos as excel files.

    Finally, Prestashop is another good solution, although compared to opencart, the extensions are much more expensive.

    I want to use Woocommerce because it has an extension that synchronizes your web site with Quickbooks. Total sync., customers, orders, and inventory. The extension that Opencart has for Quickbooks does only customers and orders. The other big difference is that the Woocommerce QB extension is automated, while the one for opencart, you need to manually import/export things. Your customers will not be happy with you with that solution. This would have been ok I guess, 10 years ago…

    Does any one know how to allow multiple products to have the same SKU in woocommerce? A client is requesting it.

    Go to products> Search for Category ( or product) Select All > Hit Edit
    Change SKU > Hit Save

    Hi I need to do about 12,000 items in three categories so would I need to do it on three pages or can variations handle this type of quantity? Thanks

    This is a great question.

    Is there somewhere an example of WooCommerce store running with 3000+ sku’s + a bunch of filters?

    For the time being, my website (WooCommerce 2.0.10) seems to run pretty well with 600 products.

    hmm, I have a customer that has products with a number of variations:

    bikini top – 5 sizes from XS to XXL, 30 different colour/textile variations
    Bikini Bottom – 3 sizes S to L, 30 different color/textile variations

    Implementing this using attributes would create a product with 13,500 variations

    Simple math: 5 x 30 x 3 x 30 -> 13500 variations – only for one product

    adding one single new colour would create additional 915 variations.

    This is impossible to display in the variation list and I bet it would choke the browser.

    Anybody has similar product variations in WooCommerce? It doesn’t look like it is good for me, unless I customise it to not use product variations, but some other means of display and selection of attributes. Or maybe I am not using WooCommerce correctly for this type of product….

    I manage a WordPress/woocommerce base website for a client
    We currently have 2,280 products split across 12 categories and a fair few sub-categories. Woocommerce seems to be able to handle it fine at the moment. Not being able to bulk edit variables is a pain.

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