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  • I have that problem:
    in my large blog very big number of posts. I have a big base of content and import his in blog, aproximyty number of posts: 70 000. When i upload ~40 000 on my local server emulation, with import new post started erorrs.
    And all site work slowly. (from a 0,1-1 sec of genereation news main page index.php with ~1000posts to 4-5 seconds and more for big site)
    Maybe my loacal preferense not optimal or somethnig – i not profi in this, but my cpu not bad – core2duo/2gb ram.

    Ok, question: aproximaly, how many posts in database support wordpress? Maybe if i have more then 30k or 40k i need to try other cms/blog engine?

    I search on codex and forum but not find answer.

    And if it not wordpress trouble… when i must search solution? đŸ™‚

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  • It’s not the amount of posts you have.

    If you’re using the import feature, your PHP/Apache services are timing out.

    My suggestion, take your file and import it directly to the MySQL interface on the server (ie: command line). If you do not have access to this, your hosting provider does and should be able to do this for you.

    Also, everything is slowing down because you’re maxing out memory for Apache & PHP. DB select times will be effected with the manual import (command line), but not nearly as bad.

    No, i’m not about this… i already edit config file of php.ini and mysql.cgf for more resourses.
    My problem – after i import too many posts (~40 000) i start to give error of database.

    Have you tried a command line, mysql query?

    Also, what is the error you’re getting?

    I have ~22000 posts (articles) database, 273 categories. Size of stuff is ~ 180M.

    Generation of front page on my Core2Quad + 2G memory is about 5 seconds (4.90 – 5.30). I believe, it is terribly slow.

    Page generation statistics shows, that 13 queries / ~0.6 seconds spent before page start. The most time consuming – creation of excerpt from post_text – ~0.3 seconds for each. Some additional seconds add random posts plugin.

    So, I cannot understand, whether it is because of huge database or it is just logic of wordpress is built so badly. If anyone from developers team want to have a look at database – you are wellcome! đŸ™‚

    Recently I manipulated a database about 60000 posts. No performance problems, as the database is tuned.
    However, The “Manage page” could not display. Message : “Internal server error”.
    I Then discovered that edit-page.php called a query on WP_POSTS so added a supplementary criteria to display only 10 lines . It worked.
    I could display the page again.
    I suppose now that other place of the code could have the same problem.
    This is something to take into account for further versions …



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    You should raise a bug if you have found a legitimate issue that happens when there are a large number of posts. (For example queries that have no paging in them so just attempt to return 30000 records to the presentation layer.)

    I expect that the mysql backend can easily handle these volumes of data, so the only issue is what happens to them when they are transmitted to the web page. Really everything should be limited / pagable.

    You could consider caching if you have a lot of static content. I think there are a number of different plugins for it.

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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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