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    i run a blog called If i type “Best music spots” in google, my blog will not appear in the top pages; sites containing “best”, “music” and “venues” will be listed first instead

    what can i do to improve the match between key words put in search engines and my blog.
    i presume this can be a huge topic but wanted to see if there is a couple of simple things i can do to set up things right


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  • Hello-
    You are right this is a BIG topic, but here are a couple of ideas…

    1- Title Tags
    Looks like you have not optimized your title tags. The best way to do this is by using this great SEO plugin: This will allow you to create a unique title tag for each page of your site. Looks like a good title tag for your home page might be:
    “Best Record Shops to buy music in LA and New York”

    2- Permalinks
    Another thing you should do is setup your permalink structure under the “Settings” tab in the WP admin. Learn more about that here:

    3- Incoming Links
    Now you need to take the time to build lots of incoming links to your new site. If it’s a new site it could take several months before you see any good organic search results. Building incoming links tells google that you are a credible web site. Here’s another Yoast resource on link building:

    Hope that helps!

    First, look for a good SEO plugin. Then keep in mind that those are highly competitive keywords that can take time to rank for. I suggest creating unique keyword rich content on your website using those keywords you wish to rank for. Also, it takes time to rank well, you just cant expect to rank well without a lot of time and effort.

    Look into getting one way backlinks from other sites that are related in topic to yours. Backlinks to your site will help establish the legitimacy of your site to the search engines.

    I hope this helps!

    thanks both for your help!

    Tim : can you recommend specifically some SEO plugins? what do you mena by unique keyword rich content?

    thanks again!!

    Check out this plugin-

    Also, once you know the keywords you’d like to rank for, you need to make sure they are included in the content on your website’s pages. IT’s really important you do not copy the content from another website. Google sees this as duplicate content and will penalize you heavily for it.

    So if you want to rank for the key phrase “best music venue” you’d want to write content that makes sense but uses those words throughout it.

    It can be tough writing good SEO optimized content for a website but take your time and do your research into keyword competitiveness, and it will eventually pay off.

    I hope this helps!

    My blog, has a different URL from my website, The blog comes higher up on a search than the web site. I need people to go to the web site to buy. Should we have used a different blog name? I’ve gotten LOTS of different opinions. Could use a few more from neutral people!

    Hi MirthinaBlog,

    It’s considered impolite to post a question in someone else’s thread. You will find you’ll get a better response from starting your own thread.

    hey there !
    i’ve installed but i’m struggling to make the right settings as i’m a new bee and most of the technical terms are chinese to me …:)
    i’ve looked up for support in wordpress forum but could not find anything really helpful
    is there a way to get some sort of support kit with this plug-in?
    or should i use another plug in that is more suitable to my poor technical level ? maybe the all-in-one-seo-pack as recommended by tim?

    thanks a ton!

    The reality is that SEO plugins and using other SEO tactics aren’t going to do much if you don’t have good content. From what I can tell, your site is very new and you don’t have a lot of content. I’d say that focusing your energy on publishing new material regularly is the best use of your time.

    Thats great advice Gabe. I’m a huge proponent of good quality content writing. If you have unique keyword rich content, and you’ve done your homework about what keywords your site should focus on, you’ll be successful. A lot of developers forget to focus on the customer. Keep in mind, when writing content, it needs to be driven by your customers and meeting their needs.

    thanks guys, i hear you and will focus on writing good posts from now on

    the thing that annoys me is that i feel that i will lose a lot of efficiency if i don’t do a proper set up of main settings of my blog, and, therefore, a lot of energy will be wasted in writing due to non optimal settings

    from what i’ve read in this thread, title tags are very important. should i opt for automatically generated tags or just leave the settings as they are, focus on keywords and content and that’s it ?

    thanks again

    You can use All In One SEO plugin (or similar) for ease of adding these titles, descriptions, keywords and such.

    However, I’ll tell you that many of those tactics are dated and no one knows the exact benefit from them. I can tell you for certain that some of guest articles in my site that do not have any of those get way more traffic than some guest articles that do. It’s a small sampling but it’s just shows that content is way more important than tags and such.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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