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  • dionysios


    I have a site that has many (1000+) categories/subcategories and I build them in different menus in Appearance > Menu. My problem is that the title length of the menu title in select box has character limit and I can not see the last characters of my title (the last subcategories). As a result I can not understand which menu exactly is.
    See here
    So, I want to maximize menu select box characters limit but I don’t know how to do it. Can you please help me?
    Thank you!

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  • Ian


    Hi, dionysios, to be able to increase the character limit in that select box, I would add some additional JavaScript that would target the menu box and increase the width of the box.

    Here is some JavaScript that you could use that would increase the size of the box:

    let menu = document.querySelector("form select#select-menu-to-edit"); = "150px";

    I put a sample value of 150 pixels but you can change that value depending on what you want.

    You would run this code in your web browser’s development tools console.

    You could always enqueue this JavaScript code as a script and have it run in the wp-admin so you wouldn’t have to manually insert this code every time you wanted the box size to increase:

    Thread Starter dionysios


    Hi @plantprogrammer,
    thank you very much for get in touch and answer me. I tried your code in my console and nothing happens. Also I paste it in a plugin called “custom CSS & JS” but nothing again.
    See here and here.
    Am I doing something wrong? Sorry I know very little about coding.

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