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  1. limavadyhigh
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi all, we use WordPress for our school website (http://www.limavadyhigh.co.uk). For the past number of months we've had some on-going problems - mainly plugin related. First off, WP Super Cache and WP Stats went mental causing our database to be 600+ MB. After it frequently crashed the MySQL server our hosting company suggested we strip the database and move the site on to a VPS. After I resolved the issue things have calmed down, and we now only have the essential plugins running to maintain our site. We've been experiencing 2 strange ongoing issues though, they are detailed below:

    1) Even with the required feature enabled within WordPress I am unable to blog via email or my iPhone app (which we did before Christmas) and it's a feature I'd like to use more often.

    2) On Apaches 'Service Status' area, the server load is usually around 0.07 - 1.15 (4 cpus). The memory used area though tells a different story. It sneaks up from 44% to a whopping 100% and I can't understand why. If I end HTTP services and restart it falls to acceptable levels again but throughout the day slowly makes its way up to 100%. I presume something is hogging the memory but don't know what - or how to fix it.

    Unfortunately I'm not technically minded. Would anyone know how to resolve these two issues?

    Warmest regards, Chris

  2. Jens Wedin
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I'm having kind of same problem. My site feels kind slow and I have hard time finding what is causing the problem. It would be great to have some kind of help when debugging and finding what the problem can be. I installed a plugin that might be of help.


    This plugin you can see sql queries which is good. It would be nice to be able to see cpu and memory usage somehow, is that possible in any way?


  3. Jens Wedin
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Here are also some other plugins that might helping find the problem


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