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  • Since MaxCDN has been absorbed by Stackpath, we got rid of our MaxCDN account and changed everything over to stackpath. In the settings, we are forced to choose MaxCDN, and then forced also to enter an authorization key. If there was a previous authorization key for maxcdn, then I will get the error: There is an error with your CDN settings: Your account has been disabled. Which is true, but if there was not, or if I remove the authorization key and clear all CDN data from the plugin, then I will get the “{authorization key is required}” error.

    Luckily, it is still correctly rewriting the url’s to the CDN domain. But the errors really make the user think things are not right and almost caused me to get rid of the plugin and find another or write my own, because the CDN is the only thing I’m using this plugin for and it appeared that when trying to correct the error by removing the authorization key, that the url’s were not being rewritten and all traffic for those resources were being forced on the site. But, after restoring the backup and starting again from scratch, it seems that despite the eorrors, the url’s are correctly pointing to the CDN and not the domain, so at least there is that.

    Would be nice if you provided an option to ignore any authorization keys, and allow the user to simply have the URL’s rewritten without the functionality of remotely managing the CDN cache.

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  • Hey Aryan,

    Thank you for your input on this. There is a temporary solution to this problem, that would be to setup API Credentials on StackPath and reset W3TC to the default setting. Then perform the integration just as you would in case of MaxCDN.

    Now here is where it get’s a little tricky, you will still need to insert the StackPath CDN URL manually, but it should work. That would hopefully get rid of the internal errors.

    Also, here’s a guide on how you can insert the CDN URL:

    I hope this tip helps you and others reading this, until W3TC adds StackPath to the configuration list 🙂


    Thank you for the response. I did not readily see the api area in stackpath. I was searching for a while for some way to generate a key. Beyond that though, with the w3total cache plugin, when clearing all settings and attempting to “perform the integration”, there is only maxcnd available and when you attempt to integrate, it redirects to maxcnd for login and obviously, stackpath credentials do not work here.

    Still, I do have the API creds now for stackpath and I thank you for bringing that to my attention. I will try again on staging to see if maybe this issue can be resolved, but with the authorize and access token url’s being for stackpath, I doubt that w3t will check that path instead of maxcd since there is no stackpath option in the CDN list.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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