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  • HI,

    I have a slight issue with the WordPress custom fields in that they dont seem to be saving.

    I have used a plugin for some, which are saving fine. But i have added 2 using the built in wordpress custom fields. I did this to create some repeating fields.

    I have 2 that i have added in this way. Accreditation and Projects. The accreditation’s save no problem, but if i add the second one and try to publish the post it adds the field, but i cannot select the field from the drop down menu in the post editor (make sense?) It is as though it adds the field, but hides it away or doesnt save it.

    I found an article that suggested changing the value of the max_input_vars from 1000 to a higher number which i set to 3000 but this hasn’t remedied the issue.

    The fields are being added to a custom post type of ‘people’ which works and if i attempt this on my localhost server everything works which makes me think it is my server setup. After changing the input_vars though i’m not sure what else to try.

    Most of the topics i find are to do with the ACF plugin, which i am using but i have not paid for the premium version. which is why i am trying to use wordpress custom fields in conjunction. i need to repeat the accrediations and projects for each person as there could be multiple values.

    If it is not the max_input_vars then what else could it be? does anybody have an idea as to what else could cause it?



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  • Hi phil,

    Free plugins with paid upgrades are designed to make you want to buy the upgrade for added functionality and support.

    I would suggest trying pods. Pods are totally free. Pods are designed to be used with different custom post types. It allows you to create fields as well. It works like any of the other plugins in the custom post types devission.

    Pods are very easy to use with great tutorials and support.

    Here is a link.

    Hopes this is of help.



    Ps: before you shoot down this reply, give it a try. Just deactivate acf and activate pods.

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    Thanks for the reply Michelle, I’m willing to give pods a go. I understand the idea behind the premium plugins its just very frustrating, it seems like that would be a basic feature someone would want if they are using the plugin to make the fields in the first place!!

    Oh well, i will give Pods a try. If i like it then i might just stick to that.

    Thanks Michelle

    max_input_vars alone might not solve it because once the array for $_POST gets too big it doesn’t even finish making the array. There are other config values you’d have to tweak as well.

    That’s the post_max_size value.

    The next Pods release includes our new Flexible Relationships which lets you do repeatable values which are actually stored as related items (posts, terms, or whatever you choose).

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    Hi Scott, that sounds good. I took a loot at pod’s and realised that it did not currently work with repeating fields.

    I’ll make changes to the post_max_size value and see if that helps. Thanks!



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