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    I’m not a big talker, just pop up by, look around and post some comments if you got some 🙂
    Greetings to whole WP community.
    PS: I know about little bug in the top on Mac, please do not start on it, thank you.

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  • Just seen your blog in Firefox and the whole layot is badly scrambled. I have read your css with some difficulty because it is very compressed which makes error finding more difficult. It does look as though it may be generated. A lot of the syntax is just plain wrong, a lot of semi colons missing and so forth. Is this from Front page or similar? Just curious.

    is your FF version 0.1 alpha? cause it looks very fine here, I’ve tested it on 7 boxes from win98 and up to win2k3… IE / MyIE2 / FF /Netscape /Mozilla / even got a friend to test it on Mac…

    Looks great in my Firefox 0.8. Nice job, and I simply love the colours 🙂

    Phew 🙂 Thanks mate, I was allready afraid here that my FF was too old or something 😉 And yeh, I love colors too, kinda fresh and different 🙂 I think of adding 2-3 styles more that have same layout but different backgrounds 🙂 Maybe I’ll fix it in the nearest days 🙂

    Last post was by me, forgot to login >_<

    Looks really good from here 😉 Firefox 0.8 Mac.

    Oh, thanks for feedback 🙂 Your feedback means that I have that little annoying problem (see 1st post) only in Safari (less and less people using it tho’ so it’s not that big problem).

    Yep, I looked in Safari and your header background image is misaligned by a couple of pixels.

    Argg, that was me.

    Yeh, guess there’s not much to do about that little bug, I’m more then satisfied, that my site works on both PC and Mac on nearly all browsers 🙂 Thank you again for invistigating.

    Heck. You are OK but what is wrong with my Firefox??!!!. It was really wierd from here. But I am on a first day download and should upgrade. Nevertheless; I did read the css, and it was very ragged. Anyway the important thing is it seems to look cool all round. Good luck.

    Oh and it might be useful to mention that despite the badges the site in question is riddled with css validation errors. And the xhtml validation link doesn’t work. But
    who cares.

    Well you might want to go
    here and check out the screen shots. It is a long url I hope it posts OK

    Hehe, read your about page. Interesting, tol’ko ja iz Pitera 😉

    I was down for a short time. Should work now.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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