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    Bug? My slider was only allowing me to have 4 slides. Then I changed the general wordpress admin settings under Settings > Reading > Blog Posts Show at Most, which was set to 4, to a higher number. Then the slider allowed more than 4 posts (and continued to max out at the number I set in the Reading settings)

    Otherwise, great plugin!!

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    Hi Kenny, thanks for the report! Good spot.

    I’ve fixed this now in trunk, but its not released yet – it will be included in the next update.

    If you need the fix immediately you can download the development version from here and replace the “ml-slider.php” file on your server. Alternatively find line 237 of ml-slider.php and add:

    'posts_per_page' => -1,


    Hi Tom,

    If I want to prevent my user to add more than 5 slides per slider, how can I do that?

    Thank you in advance,

    Thanks Tom! I run a web design agency and I’ve searched and tested slider plugins for a long time and yours is awesome. Really awesome.

    One suggestion is to show thumbnails of the slider types instead of just the name in a colored box. People don’t always remember the visual difference between the slider types.

    This part:

    If you need some help with creating those, I’d be willing.

    The other feature that would make your plugin totally killer would be the option of using the featured images from a category’s posts.

    Well done!

    Plugin Contributor matchalabs


    ipol2n: I’m afraid that’s not possible, and unless there is a lot of demand for that feature I don’t think it will be added sorry. I want to avoid adding features that only a minority of people would use (there are too many WordPress plugins with hundreds options that only 1% of people would ever need!). I’d recommend educating your user to make sure they know not to add more than 5 sliders – although I understand that’s sometimes easier said than done!

    Kenny: thanks for the kind words – most appreciated. There are some more little tweaks on the way so keep an eye out. (Nothing major I might add!)

    If you do want to create some icons, please feel free, but I should warn you that there’s a tiny chance I won’t like them (although if your agency website is anything to go by, I suspect they’ll be pretty good) and that also credit for your work would be limited to the changelog. We run our own web design & development agency so I would like to avoid diluting the apparent effort we have put in – hope thats understandable.

    Finally, I agree a category-featured-images-magic-slider would be an awesome feature – in fact we’re writing that functionality into another plugin we’re making (plus a load more stuff!). However, I’m pretty sure ML Slider will remain as just a basic image slider – we like that it does one thing and does it (hopefully) really well.


    Tom, I always imagine plugin authors have very few design resources so sometimes I offer to help–just to give back a little where I can. Plugin authors like you make my work possible, and that’s very noble. It looks like if you had the time to make icons, you’d definitely have the talent available in your crew 🙂

    I’d love to hear about the other plugin when it’s ready. I can’t find any open source plugins that do the category-featured-image well at all. Is there a notification I can get on?


    Plugin Contributor matchalabs


    Hi Kenny, quite right, client work takes priority here so we try to squeeze in the free plugin development around paid work, unfortunately this means the ‘nice bits’ (like icons) get pushed to the back of the backlog.

    Seeing as we’re in discussion, and you use the plugin yourself, I have a quick question for you – do you think there is need for adding more sliders? Im thinking bxSlider and jQuery Cycle. Or would that just be overkill? Can there be ‘too many’ options?

    Hey Tom, sorry for the late response. I think adding more sliders is a great idea, but I suggest you think of it terms of a non-coder. At the heart of it, someone setting up their site has no clue about the slight differences between the sliders. All they know is that they look different and one’s settings are easier/harder to understand in their opinion. I’d say those are their real deciding factors about which slider to use.

    So by adding more sliders, in the eyes of a plugin user, you’re adding more “themes” to their slider on their website. They’re not using your plugin to create the slider you’re giving them, they’re using your plugin to create the slider they’re hoping to see based on what they’ve seen before elsewhere or what they are imagining in their head. If they don’t get that result (or something better), then they’ll move on to a different plugin.

    Which thinking conveniently wraps back around to the idea of representational icons or images for each slider. Or a preview area. Then the user picks their “theme” based on their criteria: if it looks right. Because in the end they don’t care at all what tech/name is being used for the slider as long as it works and looks right to them.

    To your question “Can there be too many options?”, I’d say as long as the sliders are obviously distinct to the user and the number of options is comfortably presentable in an admin UI, then give as many options as you can.

    Whoa, this reply became long quickly. Hope it’s useful!

    Plugin Contributor matchalabs


    Hi Kenny,

    Thanks for the response, really appreciate it. We love the usual ‘great slider’ feedback, but its also nice to get a more detailed insight 🙂

    I think you’re quite right, most people wont understand the differences between the sliders, so theres not much value to 99% of users in adding more.

    We created ML Slider for our own use (we develop WordPress sites) after not quite finding what we were looking for in the plugin directory – we were searching for something that was simple enough for our clients to use, but flexible enough for us to customise on a client by client basis. Initially it started off as having coin slider only, but a colleague requested Responsive Slides instead – it made sense to add that in as an option rather than starting a new plugin.

    Unless something else becomes available that is hugely different from the 4 supported sliders, we’ll be leaving it as it is. We have ‘new icons’ as a task on our backlog, so you should see them in a future update.

    Thanks again!

    Anytime. Thanks for making your slider available! 🙂

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