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  • I’ve searched around the forums and found that people were having issues uploading PDF files. I tried all the fixes posted with no luck. I’m wondering if the issues has to do with the file size being too large. I tried following someone’s advice to make changes to the max file size for uploads and could not find it.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of where to find this? I am also open for any other suggestions. The approx size of the PDF i’m trying to upload is 9-12 mb’s.

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  • Alright, I still cannot find anything regarding this issue. Has anyone experienced similar problems? I need to add this content to the blog and there is no other way to enter it as it is a scanned image. I want it to be found by search engines so .jpg or .gif are not acceptable.

    Maybe I’m missing something here, but why not just use FTP to upload the PDF to your web site, then create a link to it on your WordPress Page or Post? Search engines will index it because they follow all links.

    Your not missing something adiant. I will definitely explore that option. I know there is a way to increase the file size but I just can’t seem to find it no matter how hard I look.

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    Take a look at the last post on this thread

    That thread seems to be the most helpful, thanks STD. Any clue where I would find this php.ini file in the theme editor?

    php.ini is a server level file. If you are on shared hosting, you can not edit it..

    Ask your host to increase the limit

    Ah, ok. I was wondering why I couldnt find it. I’ll look into that. Thanks Ryans and others.

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