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  • Hi all!

    I want to know that is there any character limit for new posts in wordpress.

    And if there is, how can ı wirte so long entries?


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  • Nobody knows?

    To tell you the truth there s a limit to everything in this life. But i think that the limit in a post has to do with the php settings on a server and how the server is configured. I don’t believe that there’s a character limit in WordPress (there ‘s no need to have one but im not sure) but there ‘s an upload/post limit with everything you put/post/save on a server through php.

    But i maybe wrong…

    First thanks your interesting, and for your truth 🙂

    Now ı will talk with my host. But at the same time ı need your helps. Here is the my logn entry. Can you try to post it? What will your server do? 🙂

    thanks again.

    Edit: My entry has 14.470 word! 😀

    i post it at a static page so it wont mess my blog and without formatting

    there it is…

    take a look @ it now cause i will remove it in half an hour

    so i guess it’s your host to blame!

    Thanks, but ı can’t post all my entries in static pages.
    Can you post in normal entry, not a page?

    There s no difference posting in a WP page or WP post, they are all posts in the same database. If there was a character limit it would affect both things.

    But see it as post here:

    the only difference is i edited the date so it wont be in my front page

    Thanks, thanks, thanks…
    Now I’m sure that it is my server’s problem.

    And did you do anything when posting it, diffrent than normal?

    And now ı post it again, you can look it, if you can see 🙂

    The link you provided me looks empty of post. Anyway WordPress won’t be affected for such a long post as i proved you. I posted it as usual without Word formatting but as an unformatted text from a notepad, that’s all. So you better do some test like if you can post with less characters to find the limit and/or ask your host for a limit at php.

    Greetings from Athens

    Yes my problem is like this, always it seems empty. I tried with notepad too, but nothing changed.

    Now I asked my host, they are interesting with this problem.

    Again thanks from Turkey…

    Again hi all,

    I learned that ı had to edit php.ini file for solving this problem. But ı don’t know how can ı edit it. Can someone help me? Or do you know which value ı have to edit?

    You could edit php.ini IF you are managing the server by yourself. BUT if you are managing the server you would know anyway. So if it is a managed server by you i suggest you learn more about managing a server (or VPS).

    Genarally speaking these are the values that has to do with uploading or posting in php.ini:


    Now beaware that changing values in php.ini settings affects all domains on a server so you must know and understand what exactly you change.

    IMHO, i don’t think that such a post is limited by php.ini but i can’t tell you for sure before i see it. I would first made a few test, i.e. learn about the values of php from phpinfo(), try a shorter post to find the limit (if there is one) and then decide IF there where values in php.ini that preventing me to post.

    First thanks.

    ; Maximum size of POST data that PHP will accept.
    post_max_size = 18M

    Does this M (18M) mean MegaByte?

    Just as a follow up on this, I tried posting a page and a post with copy/paste plain text with no formatting at 65742 characters 12,400 words. The page failed to save, stripping all content out on page and post. So, there is a limit, but as you say, probably memory related to server.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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