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  • well, that’s border-line actually; I can tell _how_ to exclude, but not _what_ as that would depend on what files are actually used by your plugin @basszje πŸ™‚

    @rui-oliveira as per the FAQ first briefly disable/ reenable JS and then do the same for CSS to see which of those is causing this and then exclude maxbutton’s CSS or JS from optimization.

    Plugin Author Bas Schuiling


    @optimizingmatters Good point. Maxbuttons outputs a minified CSS line in the footer like this:

    minified css

    It seems that AO eats that styling, but somehow only puts about half of the stuff back in the generated CSS file.

    It’s also possible for MB to output the styling next to the button instead of the footer like this:

    [maxbutton id=x style=’inline’]

    Would that fix anything? If sorted out, this would make a good line for our FAQ πŸ™‚

    inline styles are indeed left as is @basszje, so that should indeed fix things.

    regarding the CSS in the footer; if there is on common string in there, .max-buttons or something, then that string could be added to the comma-separated CSS optimization exclusion list. you could even push this to AO from your plugin in the API if you’d want πŸ˜‰


    Just an update:

    [maxbutton id=x style=’inline’] < This did not work out.

    What I was asking was for a command to Exclude scripts from Autoptimize like the one I already have (for example): s_sid,smowtion_size,sc_project,WAU_,wau_add,comment-form-quicktags,edToolbar,ch_client,seal.js,disqusConfig,disqus-comment-system,chimpPopupLoader

Viewing 4 replies - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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