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  • I’m using Matt’s Community Tags ( version 0.3 and I got it set up on my blog even though there were no instructions on how to install it. After a few trials and errors I figured that I had to add this code to the Image Attachment Template (image.php):

    <div id="tagthis" class="tagthis"></div>

    The form where people can submit tags is displayed under each photo. But I haven’t found a way to link to a page that displays all photos that this person is tagged on like Matt does on his blog:

    In the comments on a blog post Matt says:
    “Final step is you need to display the tags using the_terms().”

    Does anyone know exactly what code to put in? Should I just try <?php the_terms(); ?> ?

    If anybody has successfully implemented Matt’s Community Tags with all the bells and whistles like on it would be great if you could provide some help and sample code, thanks.

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  • shaneholden


    Perfect man! Thank you so much!! 🙂



    Hey again, I made a public draft available now, read it here:

    I was pretty tired while writing it, and I had some red wine also, so be gentle with me 🙂

    Hopefully this will get you on the right way.



    Thank you soo much!



    Your welcome!

    Was the guide OK? Did everything work out for you?

    If so, please spread the word =)

    Any changes you want me to make in the guide, please comment about it.



    The guide was great! I did it on a local install and it worked flawlessly. I’ll be putting it to use on my real site in the next few days 🙂 Thank you again!



    Glad I could help 🙂



    The above help was working great until I upgraded to WordPress 3.0 RC2… Now the taxonomy-people.php doesn’t return any found posts.

    It appears the new default query includes :
    if not otherwise specified.

    Added this to the taxonomy template code:
    "post_status" => publish

    so it now reads:

    		array('posts_per_page' => 30,  "post_status" => publish),

    It’s working again.


    My site:




    Thank you, that works with 3.0 now that WordPress has been updated.

    Added it to my guide as well:

    Another problem I’m having, and anyone with WP 3.0 I presume, is ‘pagination’ with photos. If you were to goto page 2 of all the photos “jake” is tagged in, I get “not found errors”.

    Jayem82, I’ve noticed you have this same problem too.

    Infact, Matt Mullenweg was having the same problem on his page that is until he redid his site’s theme and apparently fixed it.

    I have no idea what to do to fix pagination for this as pagination on all other terms works (tags, categories, archives, etc).

    Yes, I’ve noticed the problem now.

    I don’t have a solution for it yet, maybe someone will drop by here and kindly help us soon 🙁

    I just notice that 'nopaging' => true was my solution in the intrum.

    Yeah, but then you won’t be able to browser pages right?

    Some people may be on hundreds of photos, then you might need to have a paging structure.

    Here is what is causing the issue, the taxonomy is only pulling the ‘published’ post status. Attachments have an ‘inherit’ post_status to link the settings to the file it’s attached to. i.e. if a post has nom commenting then neither should it’s attached files. (in theory) This is why posts can be paged if they share the taxonomy, and why attachments never show.

    Because the 1st page of a taxonomy always exists it pulls the taxonomy template file, to allow the override.

    Adding to post.php where ‘inherit’ is registered ‘public’ => true, allows it to work as expected. But is not recommended as it make all you post revisions public too as they are ‘inherit’.

    I have created a ticket in Trac to have this fixed.

    Thank you for the ticket and the information!

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 31 total)
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