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  • I just finished my first practice website and its about math tricks that I’ve created or been familiar with since elementary school.

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  • if anyone could check out my website and let me know how it is, the link is i’d greatly appreciate it.

    I like it – particularly the quizzes option. What plugin are you using for the quiz? Cheers.

    Thank you. I’m using the mTouch quiz plugin. Its really nice and easy to set up. Glad you liked the site. If you have any suggestions or ideas i’d appreciate it.

    Hi! Your site looks great. My first idea for improvement would be to allow people to make comments without registering. I wanted to make a comment on the horse-thingy but I felt that it would take too long. I know that registering probably would be a quick procedure but it just doesn´t feel very smooth to have to set up an account, you know?

    Btw, I think I have the answer to your horse riddle! The horse can reach the water… with his leg! Right? By reaching out with his leg. He can´t drink it but he can touch it and that counts as “reaching” it 😀

    Thanks for the advice. Ya my site is lacking comments as nobody wants to comment it seems so i’ll give it a try. But no I should probably specify he can’t reach anything out to drink. Think about this. What is the only direction he can travel with the rope extending 5 feet out. If you can answer that, then you’ll probably figure out the answer.

    Your site is well layed out. But, I’m not a big fan of white text on a black background. It becomes hard to read after a brief time (probably just my old eyes).

    Math can be a serious subject (I know, I’m an engineer), but your site is promoting the fun part of it. Seems to me it should be a little brighter and lighter.

    Good Luck, Nick

    Thanks for the advice. I agree the background is a bit too dark for me too but this theme is the only one that works well for my plugins.

    I spent like 8 hours now trying to change themes and was unsuccesful finding a good one that worked. I went in the code and made it more bluish for the content background, but I can’t figure out how to change the whole background color.

    I want to make it a lighter shade of grey. Let me know what you think though.

    Nice theme and concept for the blog.

    The one things that jumps out at me when I see the page is boxes. All of those login boxes in the right side-pane, a search in the header. No problem having boxes, but they would be less obtrusive if they didn’t have white backgrounds.

    I agree the search bar there isn’t necessary for my website so I removed it. Hopefully things won’t jump out like that for you anymore. If anyone logs in, there aren’t anymore white boxes except for where you can create a new post.

    I didn’t mean delete (a search bar can be useful) just to change the colour of the form using css. If you need a hand doing that, just ask.

    Oh no its ok I didn’t want it in the first place it was on my list of things to edit. The search is only for members, forums and groups, none of which people visit anyway, so its just taking up space for no reason.

    Try adding this to the end of your style.css file to see the effect I meant:
    .input{background-color: #0B3B39; border: solid 1px #585858;}

    You don’t have to use those colours, but it gets away from the white which didn’t fit into your scheme.

    If you liked what I suggested we could try to change the styling for the drop-down which currently says ‘no filter’.

    i tried it and it looked fine, but i think i’d rather keep out the search completely. its something that nobody has ever used and will never use in the first place. i’m having problems listing all my members. i have about 80 members signed up, but I only see 16 of them and i don’t know why.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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