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  • Surely it must be somewhat simple to add other math operators for calc fields, such as sqrt or log. You already have functionality for simple operators such as *+-/, but if you could just enable the JavaScript so that we can use other math operators for more complex formulas and multi-field calculations, that would be amazing, don’t you think? I’m sure your plugin would see a ton of conversions if you do this. I have been really struggling to find a solution… could you perhaps write a simple script or instruct me as to how I can add other JS operators in the calculation fields. Please… please… please!!! I’m willing to donate or pay a portion for the development, if it’s simply not a priority, but I would think this would be a simple edit to add this functionality… I could be wrong.

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  • Plugin Author James Laws


    The WP Ninjas

    “Surely it must be somewhat simple to add other math operators for calc fields, such as sqrt or log.”

    This is not nearly as easy as you make it sound and not nearly a common enough need for the majority of our users that we can spend any time on it at this moment and we’re unable to taking special paid requests because we are working hard on version 3.0.

    Not to mention that many users already have enough trouble with the simple operators so until we have time to make these less complicated we have no desire to muddy the waters with something that will only ensure an increase in support requests.

    That doesn’t mean that these things might not be added in future version but at this moment they are not on our roadmap.

    what if I hire a developer? Would he be able to integrate calculated fields into Ninja Forms? Would that work and what might I ask for in my job post? I am a regular odesk user, but never had to do anything like this. If I could just find a decent form that had calc fields with all math operators, I’d be quite happy.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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