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  • Make sure they are in the save “div” that identifies the layout for the rest of your list. Look at the code for your list above, and make it look like the rest of them. I looked at your HTML and they are just sitting there, not in a list (ul, li) form.

    The link reference you were looking at was designed for an old WordPress version. I really love the power and flexibility of Coffee2code’s Custom Posts Plugin and I use it in several ways. It does a fantastic “related posts” feature. It really is easy to use and automatically puts things in list form.

    Without them being inside of a list in your “menu” division, you will get nothing special.

    Thanks- I installed that plugin. It seems to be easier to format, but I still can’t get it to match the smaller and dark-green font of my links. What am I doing wrong?

    It must be in the main UL. Being vague cuz I don’t know your setup, the sidebar should be in something either called “sidebar” or “menu” and look like this:

    <div id="menu">
    <ul><li>Section Title
    <ul><?php some code here that brings up categories ?></ul>
    <li>Section Two Title
    <ul><?php some code here that brings up archives ?></ul>
    <li>Section Three Title Most Recent
    <ul><?php this is most recent posts code ?></ul>
    </li>Section Four Title Random Posts
    <ul><?php some random posts code ?></ul>

    Okay, keeping this simple. The first UL sets the whole list and ends at the bottom. The first LI in the list is the title of the section. The next UL in the list sets up a “new” sublist of whatever is in the code or the list. If the list generates LI for each item, then you leave it like this. If it doesn’t automatically, it usually has some parameter that will tell you how to turn that on so it will be in a list form.

    In your CSS, if you are working on a theme, you will find CSS codes that look like this:

    menu ul {attributes}
    menu ul li {attributes}
    menu ul ul {attributes}
    menu ul ul li {attributes}

    These are the things that control your “look” in each of these sections. If what you are working on is set up within this above format, the changes you make will show up in those sections. Make sense?

    These nested links are a pain and sometimes I just remove them and have titles in H2 or H4 and then a simple list and then a heading title of another H2 or H4 and a list to avoid complicated nesting lists. WordPress went for the confusing lists, but you get the hang of them after a while.

    I hope this helps.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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