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  • Love the plugin…I had a specific need for the plugin that I wasn’t sure could be addressed quickly, where through some fundraising we were doing, the company we were partnering with does matching donations. I added the matching donations piece to both the plugin page and the admin side so you could turn it on or off. I noticed you’ve done an update for designated funds, so I thought I could just send you the code if you’d like to merge it into what you have before you make the changes to obfuscate the email as well. Had to dig into it a little bit as some things were hard coded, but it’s worked out nicely with reports as well. I’d like to add the new features you are putting out but didn’t want to overwrite the changes that have been made of course, and thought it would be a nice feature for others to have.

    You can see the addition at my FreedomRunUSA site.

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  • Sounds neat – but I don’t want to overcomplicate the plugin for the vast majority of users that won’t have access to matching funds.

    Here’s what I’d like to do – please email me the diffs and I can take a look – if it looks feasible to add hooks and filters to support your custom flow, I could add those hooks and filters to the plugin, and then you could release your work as its own plugin (that hooks into seamless donations)


    I’ll get the diffs to you shortly!

    What email should I use to send the diff’s to?

    I emailed the diff file to you via the email address on your website. hopefully it can be incorporated or used for future code changes you do.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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