• Masteriyo will set the standard for not only how course builders should be built, but plugins in general. The ease, simplicity, beauty and speed of this plugin is unmatched. You can only find something kind of, maybe, similar in a 3rd party tool(I’m being generous), but beware, if your a small buisness just getting started, those platforms will be a burden on your budget.

    If you’ve been in this course builder world for any amount of time, then most likely you understand how clunky some of these builders are in wordpress. And usually, you run away looking for a 3rd party to host your course. ie, thinkific, teachable and many more.

    But once you start building your course and you sell a few courses, your with them for life. Is this a bad thing? Yes and no.

    Yes, because you don’t own your own data. You don’t control the direction of the 3rd party platform. No, because, you don’t have to get your hands dirty with the technical dirt and maintainance.

    Which is why it’s even more important, to vet your support team. Masteriyo’s support has been responsive, kind and very helpful in everyway.

    I recommend Masteriyo 100% if you are wanting full control or your data and course and are looking for a smooth, fast, realiable self-hosted course builder solution for WordPress.

    Hands down, they will make thier mark in the marketplace, already are. And what’s really cool, is you can get in now and grow with them. They seem to be very open and willing to listen to the user, which means, you and they grow together.

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