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    Hi there,
    Thank you for a great plugin!
    I have a problem, where the schedule does not update when I delete a DJ and his show. Please advise on how to resolve this issue?

    Currently the deleted show is still appearing in the schedule, with the link leading to “page not found” since I have deleted the show and the dj.

    I have updated permalinks to see if it will resolve the issue and have also deleted the short code [master-schedule time=”24″ width: “500px”] from the shedule page and then reinserted it, to see if it solved the problem, to no avail. It seems the changes are not written to the database?

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  • Jenny


    Any update on this problem?



    I have found the cause of the problem now, by going into phpMyadmin.
    The reason why the deleted show and dj still appeared inside the schedule, despite being deleted, is that the plugin does not update the database when a show or dj is deleted, unless the deleted dj and show is permanently deleted from the trash folder in wp-admin. I deleted it via phpMyadmin, but you can also delete it via trash folder in wp-admin.

    So to prevent this problem from happening, make sure to permanently delete the show from the trash folder, else the schedule will continue to display the deleted show.

    Where in wp-admin do you delete it? In the FTP software? Don’t see a trash folder. Don’t really have access to myphp admin, it’s through a school.



    Hi there,

    When you login to your website via wp-admin you will find the trash folders link within post types, post and page sections.

    Eg if you click on “shows” a list of all your shows will appear. At the top of the list you will see 3 links:

    Click on the trash folder link and then select the item you have already deleted, by ticking the block next to it, then select “delete permanently” from the bulk actions dropdown and click apply button. Alternatively hover mouse over the deleted item and then select “delete permanently” link below it.

    The trash folder should be visible in WordPress admin when you click on “Shows”, “Posts” and also “Pages”.

    So if you have created a page for a DJ or a show and deleted it, you will have to go and delete it permanently afterwards, in order for the schedule to update. Well, that’s how I managed to solve the problem anyways…

    Thanks Jenny,

    I am an admin for the site, permanently deleted the old shows, same for the DJ for that show and it’s still there. Really stuck

    Any suggestions



    Did you develop the website? If you did not develop the website yourself, then it could be that the developer did not assign you the permission to edit private shows. Very nice site btw!

    To try and fix this, you can install “User Role Editor” plugin, then once installed, give yourself all the required permissions, by adding all the availible capabilities as per the Radio Station plugin’s faq page here.

    For example: publish_shows, edit_others_shows

    See, maybe that will solve the problem for you….

    I’m now also stuck with another problem, can’t edit any shows. Updated the plugin to see if that will help, but makes no difference. Fun and games hey! Gonna take me days to find a solution to this one, very frustrating indeed!



    I now found the cause of my show editing problem. It is a plugin conflict with User Profiles Made Easy Plugin, which sucks as I now have to find a way to get the two plugins to play nice together or else I will have to replace the UPME plugin with another one which I don’t really want to do. But at least now I know what’s causing the editing problem.

    Glad to hear Jenny,

    Thanks again for looking into this. I installed the editor and seem to still have the issue, the private ones aren’t showing up. Humm Really baffled, is there a way to go into workbench and delete from the tables.




    I spoke too soon. I can now access the edit show page, but the page is broken with editor not functional and schedule metaboxes etc not appearing on the page…looks like way more than simply a plugin conflict.

    Anyways, back to your issue. If User Role editor is not solving the problem, then the only other way is to delete it via Phpmyadmin, so you are gonna have to get the login details for it, so that you can delete the shows manually from the database.


    Hope your project is going well! Need to please pick your brain once more. I got access to mysql table through workbench but not sure how to delete a table, or what really to do. Any help is much appreciated!


    I’m having the same problem.

    Old shows are only removed from the schedule once you empty the trash, in effect after deleting it twice.

    Has anybody worked out how to remove the shows from the schedule with just one delete?



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    If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic instead of tagging onto someone else’s topic.

    I am now closing this 3month old resolved topic as it references an older version of WordPress.

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