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    I’m running WP 3.1.4 with the domain mapping plugin and 16 domains. The domains are new, most have no posts, and in total the network is probably getting less than 20 hits per day. I’m just using the default twentyten theme. I’m on a dedicated server, dual Pentium G6950 / 2GB RAM / linux RHE 5.6 64 bit. I do have other sites on the server however my server load typically fluctuates around 0.02-0.3

    I had several plugins on this wordpress install, and yesterday I tried opening the Dashboard links for every site in rapid succession, and I noticed my server load began to climb rapidly. Not all sites opened, the load climbed to ~300, and I had to reboot the server after it became unresponsive. To make sure it wasn’t coincidence, I repeated and saw the same results. I eventually removed all plugins except for the domain mapping plugin, and by doing this I was able to successfully open all Dashboard links, however I noticed strange behavior.

    Only after all of the Dashboards had loaded, the server load begins to climb. It typically climbs to around 25 or so, and then begins to slowly drop. Keep in mind that I have no activated plugins, other than the domain mapping. I can open the index page of each site without seeing any measureable increase in server load, it’s only the Dashboard which causes this.

    I suppose the most obvious solution would be to not open a bunch of dashboards at the same time, however I am concerned about this being an indication of future problems as I continue to expand my network.

    Any ideas what might be causing this problem?

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  • Too many rss feeds in your dashboard for one. I generally prune them all to make things faster.

    Thanks Ipstenu. I went into Screen Options and unchecked everything except for the “Right Now” and the problem seems to have subsided.

    That’s what mine looks like 😉

    Here’s some more info, perhaps it will help someone else:

    I went through the tedious process of reinstalling each plugin and opening every site’s dashboard, one at a time, to see if any of the plugins were contributing to the load problem.

    Akismet, Auto SEO Tags, Secure WordPress, and Broken Link Checker seemed to have no noticable effect upon load when opening the dashboard.

    SI CAPTCHA, despite having no apparent connection to the dashboard, was causing a noticable increase in load. I tested this several times.

    Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, which also seems to have no apparent connection to the dashboard, was causing a huge increase in load. I tested this several times.

    Jetpack caused a very significant load when the stats were displayed on the dashboard, however even when the stats screen was not displayed, it did cause an increase. This was tested several times.

    I’ve chosen to remove SI CAPTCHA and YARRP entirely, and will only activate Jetpack on a per site basis as needed. My only purpose in using Jetpack was for the stats display, so perhaps something else might be better suited.

    Jetpack has to make calls back to so that would slow things down, I think, esp if you use the same ID for them all.

    I would suggest instead of yarpp (which DOES make a lot of server calls), and the only downsite to ERP is that it adds a dashboard widget I cannot remove :/ Thankfully it doesn’t slow my sites down much that I can see.

    (I don’t use any captcha plugins, as they’re not friendly to people with accessibility issues. Plus they’ve been cracked.)

    I’ve seen broken link checker cause issue wen network activated as well. Not at first, but over time.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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