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  • I run a blog which is a guide for MW3 players.
    Last year I had one for Black Ops.

    The game was released on the 8th November and visitor numbers have been around the 10k mark so I’ve been pleased.
    However on the 29th they dropped to 7200, then 5700 and yesterday it was 5200.
    I don’t remember a drop like that last year and unfortunately I don’t have any logs to check back on (stupid I know).

    No major changes have been made to my site so I’m thinking maybe there is something else happening like events just as putting up xmas decorations and thats why there’s been a drop.
    60% of visitors are from the US.

    My website is
    Have any other blogs seen a rapid decrease in visitors over the last 3 days?

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  • It’s called ‘Thanksgiving’ — 60% of the visitors were off for the holidays.

    So do you think all blogs had a dip in their number of visitors?

    From what I can see from adsense the visitor numbers are possibly even lower. Google analytics will likely show 4000 visitors for today 🙁

    Is Thanks Giving still being celebrated?

    After running websites for a decade, I’ve watched traffic for everything plummet from Thanksgiving to New Years unless there’s been specific breaking news that drew visitors back in.

    Are you continuing to push new content to your site? Are you making new posts on the front page?

    Thanks I really appreciate your reponse.

    My last post on the front page was on 29th November, before that it was 20th.
    I’ve got loads of new content planned for the site but I haven’t really had a chance recently to add it but I intend to next week. General xmas tasks, car and day job have been holding me up at the moment.

    I feel a lot better after reading your response I hope things pick back up. It was shocking to see such a sharp decline in just a few days.

    Oh yeah, it scares you the first time.

    The trick to all this is simple: Write good content, write it fairly often (not too many times a day, not too few a month), and promote your site in the right places.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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