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  • Hello,

    I have been asked to helped out on a rather large blog run on WordPress (otherwise I’d be somewhere else!).

    The database backup file is 250Mb file, and I can get that installed, although it seems to fall over on the posts, so I don’t install all the posts. That might be my first mistake.

    I need to do this so I have an exact copy of the live site locally, so we can test the upgradeability of it – with 200K visitors a month, we can’t take chances!

    Now the code is downloaded, the database is in (not all the posts), but the site will not start up.

    The code seems fine as I can get to the wordpress login, and can send an email to find my password. But it won’t let me log in.

    Can someone give some pointers on how to display a “trace” of where WordPress gets to, so I can try and work out where it is breaking?



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