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  • This plugin is a great idea but a complete disaster in implementation and I really don’t understand how it can still be available at WP repository!

    If you are using it, please check your /uploads/ folder.

    This plugin will create literally TONS of images of every link you insert in your page and will ENDLESSLY generate copies of copies of copies… of the same images at your server.

    You will end up with a huge amount of storage on your server.

    Please read this 4 months old support ticket before installing it:

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  • Plugin Author Stanislav Khromov


    Hi John,

    The bug you are describing affects a small subset of users, and fixes for it are planned, but we’re all just volunteers working on open source software.

    I’m sorry you felt so strongly about this issue that you would give it a one-star review.

    I already replied at support ticket thread mentioned above.

    I’m very surprised with your assertion that this bug, known since at least 4 months, is affecting “a small subset of users”. How did you count them?

    I installed this plugin with default settings and discovered by chance the damage it was doing just because I noticed a huge increase in size of my backups.

    Most users, and probably the vast majority of them, will never realize the disaster until their hosting will ask them to change plan, for a bigger one…

    I really don’t buy the excuse of volunteering and open source blabla in that case, sorry.

    In case the above is still not clear: I’m not saying this plugin is not working.
    The situation is much worse than that: this plugin is potentially harmful for your website and hosting account!

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    Plugin Author Stanislav Khromov



    Open source is not an “excuse”, it means people should collaborate. Then of course there are people who have no intention to help out and just want to complain over open-source stuff that doesn’t work to their expectations.

    I hope you find a free replacement for this plugin that works better for you. 🙂

    Plugin Author Arunas Liuiza


    Out of 1000 active users and several thousand of downloads this issue has been reported by two people (correct me if I’m wrong, Stanislav). The problem is we have not been able to replicate the issue on our test sites, because people neglected to provide us any specific features of their setup (PHP version, http server, other plugins that might interfere, etc.) and we can’t fix and debug the issue without replicating it first.

    Thats why we think it is ‘a small subset’ of users.

    Your reply is simply irresponsible.
    Or you just don’t want to hear the truth.

    In case you missed it: the problem here is NOT that this plugin doesn’t work to my expectations. The problem is that this plugin is potentially HARMFUL and can create DAMAGE to your website or your hosting account.

    I understand you find this normal. I don’t.

    @arunas Liuiza
    Thanks for this.
    But I don’t think because only a few people reported the issue it means only a few people are affected.

    As I said before, I’m sure most users don’t even know what’s happening on the background.

    But OK, no problem.
    I just uninstalled it and I leave this issue up to you to decide if it’s worth considering.

    Plugin Author Arunas Liuiza


    I’d love to help you. We are actually actively working on new release right now, so we could look into that. But up until now, you haven’t provided any information that would help us to identify and fix the bug in question. What PHP version are you using? What server software? Are you using any form of object caching or any caching at all? What other plugins are you using, what is your theme or WP version for that matter. Anything else that is out of the ordinary with your setup that might contribute to this problem? Anything at all?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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