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  1. rizaldy
    Posted 5 years ago #

    ok here is my situation, i had a folder named "download" located in root,
    and inside it has 2 sub-folder "anime" and "manga"
    this 2 sub-folder contain a lot of file around 100+ files of movie and image, which one movie is around 200mb.

    I using ftp upload for those folder for practical issue, and now all folder is already in my server.
    My problem is, there a download manager plugin, that can scan folder an make it a category ?
    as you can see it can be pain to put all the file one by one.

    i already tried wp-downloadmanager and wp-downloadmonitor it seem both of them insert file one at a time,
    and wp-filebase seem like the one that i need, but when i try the "sync filebase" it just reads my first folder.
    And everytime i click on "sync filebase" My second folder never come up. so i guess i quit using it either.

    i hope somebody here can give me a right direction. Or is there a plugin that can make this happen ?

    oh and i use wp 2.8.5

    thanks before

  2. whytwitter
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Yes- dead end... I tried, too

  3. rizaldy
    Posted 5 years ago #

    hi whytwitter.
    Try drain hole plugin by urbangiraffe, it will do the tricks :D

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