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Mass Posting Plugin- Anime Sites

  • Hello,

    I have created a plugin that is VERY useful for anime sites that post a lot of episodes in a series at a time. We use it on our site (BlazinAnime.com) daily and it’s the best tool we ever used for posting anime episodes.

    The manual way of adding episodes (posts)(through Add New) takes forever when you need to post 25+ posts per series. Some series have 50+ episodes, and what about series like Bleach and One Piece? Adding those one at a time would take forever (believe me, it did before we used this plugin on BlazinAnime).

    With Mass Post, you can post up to 100 episodes at a time all from the same page!
    (limited only because of server usage, the number can easily be increased/decreased as you so desire)

    My most recent test found that 51 episodes can be posted in 2-3 minutes using Mass Post. (Assuming you have the video codes ready to post which took me 10 minutes that I had to use already without Mass Post) However, if you can fill out the form faster than I can that time would be even less. The actual posting process takes about 1-2 seconds (just over what it takes to post a single post with Add New).

    If you are interested in using this plugin you can contact me at:

    I will be selling this plugin at a price we can work out together. I’ll customize the format of the post names to match your site’s format for you.

    The Default format is:
    “*Series Name* Episode *Number* *Sub/Dub/Other*”
    *Series Name*: You provide this on the post form.
    *Number*: is incremental and starting post # can be set to whatever number you choose.
    *Sub/Dub/Other*: You can choose between “Subbed”, “Dubbed”, “(Sub)”, “(Dub)”, or define your own. These presets can be customized as well.

    Here is a screenshot of the posting form:

    Any questions? Ask away adming(at)blazinanime.com

    Have a good one.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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