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  • Hello,

    I have created a plugin that is VERY useful for anime sites that post a lot of episodes in a series at a time. We use it on our site ( daily and it’s the best tool we ever used for posting anime episodes.

    The manual way of adding episodes (posts)(through Add New) takes forever when you need to post 25+ posts per series. Some series have 50+ episodes, and what about series like Bleach and One Piece? Adding those one at a time would take forever (believe me, it did before we used this plugin on BlazinAnime).

    With Mass Post, you can post up to 100 episodes at a time all from the same page!
    (limited only because of server usage, the number can easily be increased/decreased as you so desire)

    My most recent test found that 51 episodes can be posted in 2-3 minutes using Mass Post. (Assuming you have the video codes ready to post which took me 10 minutes that I had to use already without Mass Post) However, if you can fill out the form faster than I can that time would be even less. The actual posting process takes about 1-2 seconds (just over what it takes to post a single post with Add New).

    If you are interested in using this plugin you can contact me at:

    I will be selling this plugin at a price we can work out together. I’ll customize the format of the post names to match your site’s format for you.

    The Default format is:
    “*Series Name* Episode *Number* *Sub/Dub/Other*”
    *Series Name*: You provide this on the post form.
    *Number*: is incremental and starting post # can be set to whatever number you choose.
    *Sub/Dub/Other*: You can choose between “Subbed”, “Dubbed”, “(Sub)”, “(Dub)”, or define your own. These presets can be customized as well.

    Here is a screenshot of the posting form:

    Any questions? Ask away adming(at)

    Have a good one.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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