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  • Ok, when I first started with WP way back in 1724, I used divs withina blockquote which I no longer do – this was to add the second set of speech marks.

    After about 100 years I finally decided that I did’t need speech marks anymore and modified the blockquotes and simply forget about the ones that included the divs.

    3oo years on and I’m playing with blockquotes and have just discovered the problem from 1724 where I used divs – so I is there I way that I can do a mass search and edit through all my entries and find an instance of

    <blockquote><div> and </div></blockquote> and modify it so that it’s just the standard blockquote tags, taking into account there will between the tags. There is a plugin that springs to mind but it’s been hundreds of years and my memory is going.

    Thanks in advance

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    Should I say, “don’t do this at home”, too? You get the point.

    BACKUP YOUR DATABASE FIRST – Instructions in the Codex.

    From PHPMyAdmin, the program most people use to access their database on their web server, click on SQL and type in the following (or paste it) VERY CAREFULLY.

    UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE (

    Making sure that the ONLY parts you change are within the little single ‘quotes’. Make sure EVERYTHING is spelled right and that the names of wp-posts and post_content match the tables and fields within that table in your database. Check them if not.

    When you are sure, and you have made arrangements to have your body and brain donated to science when your brain explode because this destroys everything in your database (okay, not really, but I’m impressing upon you the care you have to take with this – got it? Can I stop now? Good.), then click the GO or APPLY or whatever the DO IT NOW button looks like in your version of PHPMyAdmin.

    It will then go through your wp-posts table and in the post_content, it will look for the first line and replace it with the second. A simple search and replace, but it can screw things up.

    Last warning.

    thanks lorelle – makes sense, I kinda had an idea of how to do it I just needed confirmation and clarity. bugger, so many posts…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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