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  1. Bobby Jones
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Have about 200 image files stored on self-hosted server, and need to "create" their media entries in WP so they show in the admin using some mass-update technique/plugin.

    It is also important that the media file entries in WP reflect the Post they are attached to; not sure if WP does this automatically by looking in all posts and cross-referencing or otherwise. So if there is another way to do this please advise.

    To summarize:

    1. Plugin/process to mass-upload image files stored locally on server
    2. Media entries created in WP admin
    3. Media entries in WP admin to reflect the post they are attached to:
    - They need to be setup with all relevant date etc. (including in the metadata table) as if they were manually inserted in each post

    Alternatively, I am willing to export all posts, and then re-import them and have WP pickup the media files and re-insert them in WP DB and file system... But not sure how it will do that, or if possible.

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