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  • I imported all my tags from Ultimate Tag Warrior into WordPress 2.3. All my multi word tags have hyphens in them and display with the hyphens. For example: Red-Ball but I want them to display as Red Ball. I got the plugin to modify tags from the UTW site but I’ve got over 2000 tags that need to be modified.

    Is there a way to do this on a mass scale?

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  • This is a good question. I have the same issue. The idea of going into my database and hand-editing each tag is a pain I really wish to avoid. I’ve looked at a couple plugins (Simple Tagging & Advanced Tage Entry), but they’re just as bad in dealing with this issue.


    Thanks in advance.

    Ideally, on the manage posts page, or one like it, we could add or remove tags (and/or categories) from posts.

    This feature will be essential as the number post increases… as some long-time bloggers are finding. Opening and editing each post to change tags is frustrating, to say the least… and I, of course, often either forget to tag my posts when I write them or think of more/better tags after publication.


    Hi fellows,
    Looks like Simple Tags plugin does the job very well. HTH.


    I’ve been using the Simple Tags plugin for a while. Yes, it does allow editing of tags, but there’s no way to simply remove all the hyphens from the old tags without going in and removing them one by one. When you have 2,000 tags and several hundred of them suffer from the old hyphenation issue, it’s not as simple as just using Simple Tags.

    Unless you know something about the functionality of this plugin that others don’t.

    There is a way to replace all hyphens with spaces (might screw it up though) through the database i think. I’m not sure how exactly but someone with better SQL knowledge might know. I think it looks something like update table_name = replace(something,something,something)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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