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  • Hey,

    I am using WP e-Commerce for a client. He has to edit the prices on his product categories. It sometimes mutates by percentages. I was wondering if there are any possiblities to mass edit the product prices of categories by percentages. Or if there are any addons that make this possible.
    Otherwise the client has to modify each price one by one as soon as there is a much more global change. It’s a bit problematic because he came from a platform that could do this (but was otherwise hopelessly outdated).
    Many thanks for a possible tip on this one,

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  • ive been looking at this one. he coded a few plugins and has been around for awhile.

    Smart Manager

    hes got to lose that spammy looking template, i know hes coder not a designer but a classier theme would look more pro.

    Hey Gmet,

    thanks for your response. I forgot to post I found this plugin also. You are right about the styling of this page, I hope it’s ironic. Anyways, this plugin seems to be quite good although not cheap, I have to admit it’s pretty feature rich.

    But there is really no competition it seems, this is until so far the ONLY plugin that can do this, which in my perception is strange. Mass price mutation options are something many store owners are in need of.

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