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  • pegasus177


    first of all i need to say i am only a beginner so take it easy on me.
    I spent some time away lately and when i returned my website was over run with spam, registrations and trackbacks.
    My website is a chatting medium for a gaming group with Buddypress on it.
    I got to work right away clearing out all the posts and users.
    I disabled users from registering and deleted all pages.
    I noticed that users were still managing to register so i deactivated the Buddypress plugin and added in a ironclad capthca. This seems to have haulted them. I have managed to clear the bulk of it from my main site. Now here lays the problem.
    I have a network setup on my wordpress site but i am only using one website on it. although i have removed all the unwanted users from the website the Network admin dashboard still says i have 11,928 users.
    I went into all users on the Network admin dashboard and started mass deleting them.. but i just realised that the number of users is not decreasing. Can someone explain to me why and how to fix it?
    I would be grateful if someone could advise me on this and please go easy on me im pretty new to this.
    thank you

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  • dohman


    there was a bug with wp multisite 3.4 that made it not possible to delete users.

    what version are you running? if it’s not us p to date, try updating and try your deletes again.



    Yes this worked perfectly thank you so much. i updated to version 3.6.1 and i checked it again. number is now correct so it must have been what was causing the issue.
    again thank you.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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