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  • IS there a way to mass Center all of my wordpress posts i have about 12000 all need to be centered

    if i edit each one it would take me years i think 😀

    Thanks alot

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  • esmi


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    Try editing your theme’s stylesheet.

    am not so good at this mate only just started is stylesheet the CSS file?

    also what would i be looking for if it was


    yes the style is the .css file.

    if you link me to the website i can tell you what to edit

    Hey my website is closed atm but my test one
    runs the same theme as my main one

    Okay just to clarify, you want your post centered, so do you want to get rid of the sidebar or leave it and just center the text of the post. Sorry bout your original post was rather vague.

    Np am trying to center all the posts and and pages if i can :3


    Bump sorry just asking about if this still can be done

    What exactly do you want to center, just the paragraphs in posts?

    Try adding this at the bottom of the stylesheet.

    .post p { text-align:center; }

    Hi mate the whole posts i am after centering

    Yes i understand that, but what i don’t understand is what you mean by “all”.. Do you mean just the paragraphs of text, ie. the post content, or the post title, etc… and everything else aswell.

    Please define / clarify, what you mean by “all”.

    oh i see sorry

    i Think its called “post content” as you said above
    (When adding a post the title is the top box and the large bottom box is what i am trying to center everything what has been posted in this box)


    The code i provided above should do that for you (can go at the bottom of your theme’s style.css), or do you mean you want it centered when writing the posts? … a little more clarification would be great… 🙂

    oki i added .post p { text-align:center; } and it works thanks alot
    for pages would .page p { text-align:center; } wwork?

    Thanks alot saved me tons of editing 😀

    Where did you add the code? I can’t see it in your stylesheet.. it should work for pages to.. 🙂

    I said on post 5 my main one is closed mate
    But will open it for 10 mins so you can see

    The page Anime List is the only page i dont want centering everything else i do if that can be done


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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