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  • I imported a whole bunch of Blogger posts (700+) and I want to categorize them all.

    Ideally, I could display the title and categories for, say, 10 posts at a time, select multiple categories for each post, hit “update” and it would update all 10 posts.

    Is there a plugin out there to do this, or is there another way to do it without painstakingly editing each post? I would think this is a fairly common issue, and someone’s come up with a fix by now.

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  • There used to be a batch-category script for WP 1.2!
    If I remember well, after several months somebody made it to work with 1.5.
    I have no idea whether it would work with 2.0.x or not.

    Yeah, I tried that one, and it wasn’t really batch-capable. It was one step less than having to edit each post one at a time, but one tiny step.

    If this were me, I’d back up the database (twice at least!) and then go dink around in it…. maybe write an sql query to handle it…. if I knew which posts to “batch”. If not, I’d still probably do it in the database, would take less time in the long run. Note please that I don’t have any 2.0 databases, so this sort of thing would maybe be problematic in 2.0.

    [Disclaimer: I haven’t done this sort of thing myself. I think it could be done. However, if you do this without a backup, I’ll feel sorry for you but that’s about it.]

    I want the exact same thing! I’ve neglected my categories this past year and now I’m looking for a fast way to sort them. I’m watching this thread with anticipation.

    Sadly the batch categories plug-in does not work with 2.0+, due to the database changes I’ve read. I have taken a peak at the code, but not being a PHP master by the stretch of anyone’s imagination (not even my own), I never really dug into it. I’m sure for someone (that’s a subtle hint for someone, maybe YOU, to volunteer) who is verses in the wp-query stuff, it would be a somewhat easy job.

    My fingers are crossed and I’m prepared to hold my breath until someone fixes it, until I pass out…maybe! 🙂


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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