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    How can I output into a mason grid style?

    None of these codes I have tried worked;

    [mla_gallery attachment_category=myArt-featured order=DESC]

    [mla_gallery attachment_category=myArt-featured order=DESC type=”rectangular”]

    This particular code worked;

    [mla_gallery attachment_category=myArt-featured order=DESC mla_alt_shortcode=gallery type=”rectangular”]

    but it only outputs to half of the div and doesn’t take up the whole space.

    Thanks for your hard work.

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  • Oh, and my theme is one that I created based on Mr. Digital’s wordpress theme development tutorial in youtube. The theme uses bootstrap as a css framework. I’m not sure if there are div classes conflicting and that’s why the gallery only takes up half the space instead of the full space (this is for the shortcode that worked). The only plugins I have installed are akismet, jetpack, maintenance by wp maintenance, force regenerate thumbnails, and this plugin.

    Plugin Author David Lingren


    Thanks for your question and for including the source text of the shortcode you are using; very helpful.

    Here is a link to an earlier topic from another user that combined MLA with Jetpack:

    Display tags under each image in carousel view

    You can find details and examples for combining MLA’s data selection features with Jetpack Carousel and Tiled Galleries display in the “Support for Other Gallery-generating Shortcodes” section of the Settings/Media Library Assistant Document tab.

    The shortcode you posted looks fine to me. As noted in the earlier topic and the Documentation, when mla_alt_shortcode is used MLA plays no role whatsoever in generating the HTML and styles for the gallery display. The Jetpack HTML makes use of many classes and styles used in WordPress core and adds classes and styles of its own. It is up to the theme author (in this case, you) to provide appropriate styles and enclosing HTML markup for the gallery display. I do not see any way MLA can be of help for your application.

    I regret the news is not better, but I am marking this topic resolved because I have answered your question to the best of my ability. Please post an update if you have any problems or further questions regarding the role of MLA in your application. Thanks for your understanding and your interest in the plugin.

    It turns out I needed to set content width in my theme or else jetpack defaults to outputting to 500px wide. The weird thing is that if I use jetpack alone, it doesn’t even take into account content width. But if I combine it with mla, it resizes to the default 500px wide output or whatever I set my content width to.

    so strange.

    anyways, thanks for the help chief.

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