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  1. hexified
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Hi all.

    I just installed wordpress on a new domain. I am attempting to run TWO websites off the same domain. ex: http://example.biz (company website) and http://example.biz/wordpress (the blog).

    I have made an account at a free URL redirection site. So now http://example.no-ip.info redirects to http://example.biz/wordpress.

    Once the blog loads however the URL switches from example.no-ip.info to example.biz/wordpress. Is there any way to mask the directory URL so that it doesnt relate to the "company" URL and still have wordpress work on the same domain?

  2. hexified
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Well I've tried changing the website addresses in the "options" to the same as the URL redirection. Still doesn't work.

    I've tried changing the site name manually in the database. Still doesn't work.

    No matter what I try as soon as the site redirects the URL changes to the example.biz/wordpress URL...instead of the example.no-ip.info URL.

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