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  • so basically, if i understand correctly, you want your domain to be instead of

    if that is correct ~ the way i did it was to simply rename the file from “wordpress” to “desiredname” when installing wordpress on your server…

    – JM

    Hi povevolving,

    I would like to keep the wordpress install local to the wordpress directory, as this server is not a single function server. Therefore, I would like to have the bulk of WP installed where it belongs, but have the end-user oblivious to the fact they are executing code in the wordpress subdirectory.

    The index.php works extremely well copied into the home directory. That had to be edited to route down to the wordpress subdirectory.

    I looked at the wp_login.php & wp_register.php files but don’t know how to edit those. If I copy the wp_login.php file to the home directory, it doesn’t execute the file in the home directory.

    Thanks again,



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    I think everyone is missing Amy’s point – she’s happy with wordpress core being in /wordpress/, but doesn’t want the login page under a /wordpress/ uri.

    Amy – messing around with wordpress core files is messy, as it means you have to make the same changes each time you want to update to a new version of wp. I’d have a look at your .htaccess file. I think you’ll need a rule such as:

    RewriteRule ^login.php$ /wordpress/wp-login.php

    The first bit is the desired url and the second is the actual url. Not too good with htaccess myself, but you should be able to serve the wordpress login under any folder you want.

    Hope that helps

    Hi Guys,

    I found a really quick fix for my problem.

    I currently have the index.php copied up to my home directory. I edited it to point down to the wordpress subdirectory. (Read the above instructions.) This masks the webpage successfully.

    Then I installed the following Plugin and it is successfully masking everything, WITHOUT and other updates:

    Theme My Login

    Yay! No other code hacks!

    Thanks everyone for your support, it’s greatly appeciated.

    Hopefully, this can be added as a separate tech doc.


    Hi Guys,

    There is another update for this post:

    To successfully mask a install that was installed in a subdirectory:

    1) Perform the login.php steps at top.
    2) Use the Theme My Login plugin.
    3) Use the Theme My Profile plugin from the same author.
    4) Donate to this author because he’s coming out with some good stuff and we want to keep him contributing for the good of us all.

    Thanks and xoxo,

    Anybody know how this would work with a forwarded directory?
    For instance I have being forwarded to But for it to mask, I have been using godaddy’s masking, so all it ever shows no matter what page I am on is I would like it to show or whatever.
    So is there a way for me to use godaddy’s forwarding without masking and then just setting wordpress up to always just show warblogle/page?

    Currently all my links show up as

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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