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  • The plug-in Flexi-Quote Rotator accomplishes nearly everything I’m looking for.

    “Nearly,” as I’d like to be able to assign categories to the quotes.

    If it had this capability, I could use shortcode to insert only quotes of a given category on a given page/post/sidebar. Or if I preferred to sample from the entire quote library, I could omit the category=”” attribute.

    I think this would be a great improvement.

    The very simple and straightforward plug-in Random Text sets up the table to include exactly this feature – text items are assigned categories. However, it lacks the core function of the Rotator plug-in, as it will display one single (non-rotating) text item, rather than cycling through all of the category-matching quotes with jQuery.

    In other words, I’d love a mashup of these two plug-ins, but am having an extremely difficult time doing so.

    If the authors of either plug-in read this, or any good programmers who might offer suggestions, I’d be extremely grateful!

    Thank you.

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