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    I have a mashup map on my home page, and noticed that a marker that was there, is suddenly gone. So I made a list of the 19 posts, and started checking to see if they had a marker on the mashup. There were two that did not, so I deleted and re-entered the posts, and the markers are now there, but markers I had confirmed just minutes earlier, are now gone. I will be adding more than 300 posts with markers, and cannot afford to check and recheck to make sure the markers appear (and stay) again and again. HELP!

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  • Same here, Markers keep disappearing. I tried to change publishing dates, removing/re-adding markers etc. to no avail.

    Same problems here a few markers disappear all the time…

    same here! please help!

    exclude the doubles! plugin shows only one marker at one coordinates!

    But I don’t have any duplicates… each pin-point is at a different location!

    are you using an address as a coordinate instead of decimal coordinates?

    If you mean was I using adding markers by specifying an address rather than specifying latitude and longitude values, then the answer is yes.

    And, I just tried replacing the markers with lat/lon markers and you’re right, they now appear correctly in the mashup map! So first of all, thanks!!

    However, this is more of a workaround rather than a solution. In the plugin it says that you can add markers by entering an address (“Enter marker destination address or latitude and longitude”), and so in theory the mashup should work for markers added this way as well. Also, it requires searching for the lat/lon of each marker (there are websites that do this for you I know), which is a somewhat cumbersome extra step. It also makes the lat/lon appear in the bubble that comes up when the user clicks on the marker. I don’t mind it, though I would rather the actual address appeared there instead.

    Anyway, thanks again for this solution, I’ll use it until the marker address issue is fixed.


    No problem)

    With this plugin there are two “problem” issues – setting the address instead of coordinates and duplicating coordinates) Very popular questions)


    And mark this topic as [resolved] please

    Well, it’s not resolved, it’s still a bug in the plugin. There is a workaround (not using adresses), but it should be fixed in the plugin code. And yes, I am willing to donate 😉

    Mashup markers disapearing resolved.
    There are few other topics for resolving problems with the address.
    Just hope the marker [resolved] to this topic will decrease the range of similar questions.

    Hi I am facing a similar problem. Markers seem to disappear randomly in mashups. Sometimes its limited to ten markers, at times it allows you to show about twenty, but it randomly shows some while others dont show up.

    Any ideas ?

    Here is the link to the mashup page

    This is not resolved. Half my mashup markers are missing. It’s all random! Sometimes some things show and sometimes others.

    I do not know how to go through and use latitude and longitude values. That does not seem like an acceptable workaround.

    @emanuel Sferios: If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

    Use geo mashup plugin. It has a slightly steeper learning curve, but it is far more powerful, especially for mashups. And more importantly it works !

    Hope it helps you all.

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