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  • First, let me thank and congratulate the WP team on an excellent product! Your efforts are much appreciated!

    I, and some of my users and clients, use MarsEdit as a blogging application. Also, I have set up permalinks to use %postname%, which uses the Post Slug if it is filled in.

    Unfortunately, MarsEdit doesn’t have Post Slug. It does however, have Keywords, which WordPress doesn’t have. I was wondering if you had any plans to alter the XML-RPC interface, so that these two correspond with each other?

    If anyone has a workaround, I would be very grateful. I started hacking the xmlrpc.php file myself, but once I had to edit stuff in other files (where functions that e.g. store post data are located), I figured I should ask for an official response before proceeding.

    Thanks again for a great product!

    – PƃĀ„l

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  • Hi folks,

    I’d like to second the suggestion to open up the post slug to access via XML-RPC.

    Many of us prefer client-side environments such as MarsEdit for writing posts, as distinct from web-based environments such as WP’s built-in editor, but without access to the post slug via XML-RPC, it’s still necessary to make a special trip to the web-based editor to alter the slug after every post.

    (Yes, I realize I could just write posts in Dreamweaver or GoLive or BBedit, and in fact this is what I always did before trying MarsEdit, but the latter is *much* slicker than writing a post in an XHTML editor and then copying and pasting into the web-based editing environment…)

    I don’t know how much work it would take to make this possible, though — any thoughts from Podz or others?

    All the best,

    why do you need to change the slug???

    Hi Randy,

    You asked why I would need to change the slug…

    One answer is: because it’s a built-in feature of WordPress, and it’s there for a reason! šŸ™‚

    But seriously, the reason *I* like to change the slug relates to why I use nice permalinks in the first place, rather than numerical database queries in my URIs. Specifically, I like a permalink to mean something useful and possibly even memorable.

    So, suppose I wrote a post called “Here Are My Top 10 Reasons for Preferring Brief Post Slugs Rather Than Default Slugs”. I would probably choose a post slug like “why-brief-slugs”, or maybe “brief-permalinks”. That, to me, would make the slug useful and possibly even memorable.

    But the default, automatically generated, slug would come out as “here-are-my-top-10-reasons-for-preferring-brief-post-slugs-rather-than-default-slugs”. That just doesn’t seem to me like a particularly friendly, useful, or memorable ending for a URI.

    Still more broadly speaking, where WordPress offers built-in features for specifying different aspects of posts (e.g., whether or not comments are switched on, what the post title should be, what the post slug should be, etc.), I think it’s a good idea to expose those features through the API — the API which exists specifically to expose WordPress functionality to other applications.

    On the other hand, I’m not the one investing time writing the XML-RPC code, so this is more of a wish for something I would find useful, rather than an argument that “thou shalt do it this way”, if you see what I mean. As far as the folks who *are* investing their time to produce the code, well, I guess I’m just mostly grateful that they do what they do in the first place! šŸ™‚

    All the best,

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