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    hi im having some issues with the plugin

    I set up my attributes and set the markups to how much i wanted e.g +5.

    when i add my new product, set product data to to variable product
    under attributes the attributes I created are there and i add them. size,colour etc including the values small medium etc.

    under variation tab i click the drop down box under pricing i click set regular prices, and then i set the base price.

    this price applies to all the variations, and the variations which should be marked up dont adjust, they all stay at the price i set on set regular prices.

    am i missing something? i feel like iv tried everything. please help


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  • Plugin Author Mark Tomlinson


    It sounds like you are taking all the right steps. I must be missing something, too.

    The only thing I don’t see in your description is when and how you created the variations. I usually use the Create variations from all attributes function and then Set regular prices directly afterward. It works if you create the variations manually, too. Although you have to be careful to click [Save changes] before you set the price or WooCommerce behaves like they are all ‘Any size’, ‘Any Colour’, etc.

    How do you create the variations?

    I am having issues with this too.

    I have set up the attributes in the Products > Attributes section, to include a $20 markup on 14K Gold and Rose Gold products.

    I have created all variations in the individual product page (using the automatic function, I wasn’t going to do it manually for 600+ variations!), and ‘Set regular prices’ to all the variations (my base price is $145), and saved the changes.

    But when I go to test it by adding a product with 14K Gold or Rose Gold to my cart, it doesn’t add the additional $20.

    This is getting rather frustrating!

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    Plugin Author Mark Tomlinson


    Six hundred plus variations! Wow.

    Do you have any variations that have “Any” where you would include 14K Gold and Rose Gold? WooCommerce will always pick the “Any” variation, regardless of what a customer chooses. It’s frustrating.

    For debugging, can you look at something for me? Can you look at the description of one of the variations that should have a markup and let me know what you see there? It should have something like this:

    <span id="mbainfo">Product price $145.00
    Add $20.00 for 14K Gold

    Hi Mark

    No, I have no variations that allow ‘Any’.

    I also cannot find that code in my source when I select a variable that should have the markup.

    hi mark

    yep i used Create variations from all attributes and set regular prices straight after, but no luck…also tried adding variations individually without any luck.

    Plugin Author Mark Tomlinson


    I’m at a loss here.

    I tried to recreate @inspirata’s issue using 672 variations. I was expecting a server time-out, but that did not happen. And it sounds like both of you are doing everything in exactly the right order

    1. Create global attributes and assign markups where needed.
    2. Create Variable products and assign global attributes ensuring to select the appropriate terms and checking the [X] Use for variations box.
    3. Create variations ensuring there are no variations with ‘Any’ for an attributes that has a markup.
    4. Use Set regular price to set the prices.

    I doubt it’s your version of PHP, WordPress, or WooCommerce. You’d have to be PHP 5 or lower, WordPress 3.0 or lower, and I don’t even know if there’s a version of WooCommerce the plugin doesn’t work on.

    We can try digging into your debug.log or checking compatibility with other plugins and themes. If you want to do that, reach out to me at

    Or, I might suggest that this plugin won’t work for you. 🙁 I hate to do that, but I’m a retired guy who wrote this thing for fun and I’m not sure I can provide the level of support you might need.

    Let me know what you decide, and we’ll take it from there.

    Same exact problem. Such a great idea for a plugin. Not sure why there aren’t others. Love to see a solution to this

    Plugin Author Mark Tomlinson


    Is it possible that you can send me a link to your site? You can use the email address in the post above if you do not feel like putting it in the forum. I’d like to take a look and see if I can see anything obvious.

    Meanwhile, can you walk through the instructions at I’ve found that I may not be clear in the instructions and steps have been getting skipped.

    Also, do you have any product variations with “Any” in them? For instance, assume Size is an attribute and there’s a 5% discount for XX-Small and a 5% markup for XX-Large. If there are product variations for XX-Small, XX-Large, and “Any size”, WooCommerce will always select “Any size” regardless of what the customer selects. (Yeah. That surprised me, too.)

    Those are the obvious places to look. I’ll have to see your site before I can suggest anything else.

    Plugin Author Mark Tomlinson


    Thanks to the assistance of @bcarpman, above, we’ve been able to fix his problem. I will be updating the plugin to fix the issue for everyone else within the next couple of days. Please be watching for version 3.4.

    However, I can not promise that this will fix all instances of the plugin mysteriously not working because it was such an obscure problem.

    The TL;DR version is that if an attribute term is not used by any posts, then the term is considered ’empty’. Empty terms are not seen by plugins unless we specify that we want to see ‘hidden terms’. Apparently, under some obscure conditions, using the attribute on a variable product in WooCommerce is not considered the same as using it in a WordPress post, even though it is. If you don’t follow me, that’s okay, it’s a really weird issue.

    Thanks, again, to @bcarpman. Be watching for version 3.4.

    Oh! I found your great plugin for my case yesterday, but it doesn’t work for me either. I’d already started to pick another CMS, but then I saw your answer posted just 3 hours ago. What a luck! Thank you, @marktomlinson, you do a great thing, it’s strange, that WooCommerce doesn’t have such a functionality as built-in. Waiting for the new version.

    I have the same problem.
    I have products and then adding this plugin. But it doesn’t add the price.
    The website

    Plugin Author Mark Tomlinson


    I’m afraid that doesn’t give much information to help you. I’m assuming, from your description, that you have already added the prices to the attributes. So there are two other things I need you to check.

    1. Did you run the Set regular pricesfunction on the Variations tab?
    2. Are there any “Any” variations? (WooCommerce always seems to pick it regardless of what the customer selects).

    More detailed instructions are at the link below.

    Plugin Author Mark Tomlinson


    No further response, so I am closing the issue.

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