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  • At the Network level, when I choose a user and then select “mark as spam”, I lose access to all the networked blogs in the drop down “my sites” link in the top bar. I end up having to delete the user.

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  • Removes whose access? Yours or the person that you’re spamming?

    Mine. I lose access to all the networked blogs.

    How are you getting it back?

    Also what plugins are running network wide and on your main site?

    Oh, I unmark them as spam.

    plugins running on the network
    Bad Behavior
    Change Howdy
    Multisite User Management
    Polldaddy Polls & Ratings
    Restrict Usernames
    Sort My-Sites
    Spam Free WordPress
    Suffusion Shortcodes
    User Avatar
    User Role Editor
    WP Pending Post Notifier

    Wait… if you lose your access, how come you can still un mark them as spam?

    I lose access to the networked blogs – not the network admin pages or the main blog for that matter. When I go to the “my sites” link in the top bar. The drop down menu only shows-
    Network Admin
    The Main Site Blog

    This is absolutely … weird.

    Unless the person you’re spamming is the admin of those sites, you shouldn’t have anything change.

    There not admins, just freshly registered spammers.

    Well all I can think is (a) you have a plugin causing this or (b) you’ve been hacked somehow.



    Probably a plugin. When I get a moment, I’ll turn ’em all off then on one by one and test and report back.



    Make sure to check your htaccess folder as well for any kind of code u shouldn’t have there.



    Ah! It marked all the blogs as spam as well as the users, even though I created the blogs not them!

    I unmarked the blog as spam and it came back, the users stay marked as spam.

    If I mark another user as spam the same thing happens.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    No luck with all the plugins off?



    No. I deactivated all of them. Well, I deactivated the network enabled ones.



    Maybe a issue with your MU install?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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