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    Is there a way for an admin or trainer to mark a learners lessons as complete? Some of our lessons require the learner to submit some work to their trainer. The trainer needs to mark the work, and if all is correct then the learner has successfully completed the lesson and I’d like the trainer to mark that lesson as complete.
    Also, sometimes learners simply forget to mark their lessons as complete, which the trainer knows have been fully completed. This then makes the data we get from Lifter’s reporting feature inaccurate.
    I have had a look around as admin, but cant seem to find a way to achieve this. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

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    Not yet. There’s a pending feature request to expose the ability to complete lessons to admins on the admin panel: https://trello.com/c/cfQcBZRe/171-allow-admins-to-mark-lessons-as-complete-from-the-admin-panel

    As of this moment it’s not something we have on the roadmap. You can help change that by voting.

    LifterLMS Assignments aims to expose something of the functionality you’re looking for. Using upload or essay assignments your learners can submit their materials and the admin can review and “grade” them — the process of awarding a passing grade will mark the lesson as complete. Additionally, the “mark complete” button is removed from a lesson when theirs an assignment (because the assignment becomes the method of completion similarly to how it works when a quiz is attached to a lesson).

    We will add the ability for admins to mark complete. We didn’t not add this function in order to force users to buy something but since the functionality currently doesn’t exist and you are using assignments of a sort I wanted to at least note that this add-on could help.

    Sorry I don’t have a different solution at this moment. Sorry…

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