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  • Do not waste time with this. You need to buy this plugin in order to be able to do anything useful ! Price starts at 30 USD / month. Install this plugin if you are willing to pay at least 30 USD each month, otherwise there’s nothing useful.
    I personally find it very inconvenient to waste 30 minutes on this plugin installation and how to, only to find out that I cannot use this at all for my website, unless I pay for a monthly membership. By default, this plugin generated a structured data information that cannot differentiate between text and shortcode tags. I thus have a structured data full of shortcode tags like “[vc_row]” and “[vc_column]” tags, instead of pure text and you can only customize the buggy auto-generated structured data if you pay the monthly fee.
    I too came here from Neil Patel’s website. Hiding the price information from the description and from Neil’s blog on purpose reflects negatively on both of them. Quite disappointed.

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 3 months ago by mihaela.g.
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  • @jhill5 Thanks for the opinion, I am sure the community finds it valuable, escpecially since you seem to know the developers personally and thus can vouch for how serious your friends are.
    However, the amount charged for this service is not a topic of my review. My claim, as stated twice in my review, is that the fee is covert rather than the developers being upfront about what the plugin can do for you in its free version. The description of this plugin lists all the things the paid version can do for you. What’s being purposely not mentioned is that, although there is a free version that most of us will try, the free version doesn’t really do anything. This is an old marketing trick that we, the customers, no longer tolerate. As a seller, it is dishonest to basically hide (or avoid to mention) the cost of a service until the user already inversted time in getting familiar with your product, when the question becomes “should I quit and try a new plugin and consider this just wasted time?” or “should I just go ahead and pay for a membership now that I already invested time in this ?”

    @jhill5 Again, this is not about whether a monthly fee of 30 USD is right or whether the plugin should do stuff for free. It is about hiding the fact that the free version does not help at all. It only generated buggy code (with lots of gibberish that I had to delete) which you cannot actually edit, because you need the paid version for that.

    And here is the free version of adding structured data to a website, for everyone interested. It takes 15-30 minutes, depends on how much one wants to learn about this.

    1. Generate the structured data markup for your page of interest using this tool:
    It’s really straightforward.

    2. Add the generated code to your page’s header. I used this plugin for that: Header and Footer Scripts (not affiliated in any way)

    Optional, but recommended further step:
    3. Use another Google tool to test your enhanced page:

    PS: If you want to find out what other yummy stuff you can specify in your markup, take a look at: (replace product with article, service or whatever your page is about)

    Did I miss anything ?

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