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  • I am involved with a plugin for sports events and want to include it within the WP plugin repository. It offers events set up and advertising, event scoring and reporting results, leagues, and a points series. It is unique to anything on the market at present and would be directed towards a niche market.

    My challenge is that WP plugin needs to be free. If we restrict numbers of events or players, it would be considered trialware and would likely be bounced by WP code inspectors, right?

    If the shortcodes are restricted by not allowing the points system or leagues, it would also likely be bounced … I assume.

    Due to development costs and expenses, the full-featured plugin cannot be offered as a free version. It needs to be sold at a fair price.

    I have no experience as this is this first plugin I have been involved with. Would any more experienced developers or marketers of a plugin have any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance.

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  • The specific guideline reads:

    Plugins may not contain functionality that is restricted or locked, only to be made available by payment or upgrade. They may not disable included functionality after a trial period or quota.

    So something artificial like restricting numbers of events or players probably won’t pass muster, but just choosing not to add features is perfectly acceptable. You could have a shortcode that just doesn’t have certain options, you just can’t have those options already in the plugin and behind a lock of some sort. You would instead have to add a new full-featured shortcode in an add-on plugin, or as part of a totally separate ‘premium’ version sold elsewhere.

    You can always email if you need help understanding the guidelines:

    If you have suggestions to improve the guidelines, or questions about them, please email and let us know.

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    Thank for your reply. The plugin, of course, was developed as a full-featured plug-in initially. We have shortcodes for viewing the points system and league standings. From what I understand, you’re saying we can’t just not offer these shortcodes in the WP free version, we need to also extract these features from the plugin code in their entirety as well? Then offer the full-featured plugin elsewhere, right?

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    For a definitive answer, contact the plugins team at the email Jacob provided.

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