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  • billdennis5


    This isn’t a question about WordPress, per se, but about blogging in general.

    After the new year, it is very likely I will be finding myself with some time on my hands.

    I’d like the spend the following six months trying to make money from performing citizen journalism on my plucky little site that concentrates on LOCAL news, politics and media. Not enough to actually survive, but to supplement the benefits I will be receiving (having earned them).

    Like many bloggers, I’ve tried various ways to sell ad space on my blog: Google Adsense ads, Blogads, etc.

    I would describe these as passive ads. I don’t go out and sell as space. I wait for advertisers to stumble across my site. It hasn’t generated a lot of revenue. Mostly beer and gas money. It doesn’t help than these services take a cut off the top.

    Since I am going to have some free time on my hands, I thought I would take a stab at actually trying to aggressively sell ads. I’ve done to a small degree when I worked for print.

    I’m just hoping to benefit from the experiences of others. What techniques worked, what didn’t, etc. I’m REALLY not looking for a new third-party service to place code in my site. I’m looking to benefit from the experience of others who may have tried this or are doing to now.

    I look forward to the replies.

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  • Kafkaesqui


    Matt recently mentioned this ‘citizen journalist’ blog. Perhaps if you contacted them they may have some insights to pass along.

    The last six month I’ve been running this kind of site in a small town in Sweden. We’ve just started to sell ads to local businesses and it works great.

    See my site here.

    Since the citizen content has been slow to take off both in size and quality I do about 70% of the stories myself.




    You may want to upgrade your site. You’re running an older version of wordpress (2.1.2) that may not be secure.

    edit: If you’re stuck on the 2.1 track, there is a newer 2.1.3 version.

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