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  • First: Awesome plugin, BTW.

    Second: A few things OUT of the Box, lol.

    • There’s no way to change the size of the marker, you have to upload a new image in a “right size”, also a “recommended size”for the marker could be nice.
    • You cannot determinate where are the center point is in the marker.
    • The address box for the marker could be useful.
    • A selection of Differents type of map will be a nice option
    • If the text box of the marker is “blockable” so i can insert blocks there, will be easy to undestand

    I hope this ideas help you.

    Again, thanks for the plug-in, its work very good.

    Regards from Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina

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  • Hi and thank you for your feedback.

    1. The marker size was left untouched on purpose, in order for you to be able to add any size you want, without the plugin restricting you. In fact, I am not sure that I can modify it from the API, I will have to check this. A tip for a “recommended size” is a nice idea, though. I will keep that in mind for the next update.
    2. That’s hard to determine and I am not sure that I can do much for that. It is a broader issue, and if I remember correctly, the same happens with Google Maps as well.
    3. Yeah, a search box with autocomplete functionality is among my priorities.
    4. Changing the map styles is also one of the things that I want to add at some point in the future.
    5. I am not sure that I understand that last request.

    Thread Starter Juan Federico Reinoso


    Hi, thanks for your fast response.

    To clarify point 5. If the marker bubble could be a block space, you can add any kind of block, maybe a little over the top, but is nice if you can add a button or something like that.

    I hope this help, lol 😀

    Regards from Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina

    OK, got it now. It’s an interesting thought but I think that it would be too cluttered on a very small space, and probably confusing for the majority of users who just need some basic formatting.

    Thanks again for your feedback, I appreciate it!

    Hi Juan,

    Just letting you know that a new version 1.1 is out which improves the marker’s accuracy (eventually it was something that I could affect) and includes a Place Search.

    Thanks for your helpful feedback!

    Thread Starter Juan Federico Reinoso


    Hi: Giorgios, yeah, i saw it, and im pretty happy, right now.

    Thanks to you for the updates

    Best regards from Patagonia Argentina.

    Hi Giorgios,

    Very nice plugin that I just discovered.
    Is there a way to import locations with a latitude – longitude – name – description for example ?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your answer.

    Stéphane (Brussels, Belgium)

    Hi Stéphane,

    You mean batch import of locations from some JSON or text for example? If so, the plugin doesn’t have such a feature. Import and export of multiple locations at once is a feature that I have in mind and I would like to implement at some point as soon as I find some spare time.

    Thank you for your feedback!

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