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  • Alright I have used our wordpress blog for awhile and we love it. However I’m having difficulty with detecting who is and who is not a spammer, or someone just trying to advertise there own site.

    I’m getting better and when I see duplicate messages or the same thing I find the IP through the search and mark as spam all of there comments.

    What I do not understand is why, when I mark something like Deez Index or Digglit, which spam up my comments daily, why aren’t they auto spammed by the system in the future? Why isn’t there a block list?

    Granted all of our comments are moderate, but isn’t there an easier way with dealing spam? I had 24 comments in the last 12 hours or less and 22 of them were spam from those 2 sites. They keep coming back and I keep having to mark them as spammed constantly.

    Thanks for any help.

    Legion of Angels

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