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    I’m new to blogging and experimenting with your plugin, and I also use Markdown. I’m my only subscriber and this morning I received my first email via your plugin. All seems to work as advertised, except that the email contains the markdown version of the links [here]( rather than a hyper link.

    The markdown plugin I’m using is: Markdown on Save Improved
    which I believe is meant to store the articles as full html, so should in theory be transparent to your plugin. So it is likely an issue with that plugin (I will contact that author) but was wondering if you have you any experience of using Markdown with your plugin? and can recommend a setup etc.


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  • Hey there mate,

    sorry to get back to you so late, but was just that busy. Anyways, I think that markdown is acutally saving the data as [markdown]and then using filter before rendering the post. I can have a look on that later 🙂 and maybe create a workaround when this plugin is activated.


    You’re not late by any means; this is free software!

    Thanks for looking into this, but I’m fairly sure this is not your problem.

    I think the problem is between Markdown on Save Improved, SyntaxHighlighter Evolved and maybe Typewriter – Markdown for WordPress.
    I’m getting spurious <p> tags around my code, so had effectively disabled Markdown on Save Improved per post. So, yes, the database is probably populated with markdown. If I enable Markdown on Save Improved, then it is meant to save HTML to the database, and I’m sure your plugin would construct the email correctly.

    I can’t easily test this theory as I just have the one live site, but will let you know if I solve it.

    Thanks again!

    Markdown on Save Improved is saving two versions of the posts: one in Markdown and one in HTML (the regular one). So it’s strange that Simple Subscribe grabs the Markdown version.

    By the way, Jetpack includes now Markdown – based on Markdown on Save Improved, same author.

    Sorry – did not see it was solved.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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