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  1. Kalli
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I'm interested in adding Markdown to my WordPress thingy, but I've noticed quite a bit of negative articles and comments about these two together.

    It seems to me that most recent stuff I've found on this is positive but going back a bit it gets more negative.

    I don't really need Markdown, but I'm interested by it. The big questions are:

    • If I switch now, with 18 months of archived blogs, will Markdown and my old entries play nice?
      In the unlikely case I'd switch blogging systems, or the more likely case of migrating my blog to another WordPress installation, would I have problems because of Markdown?
      I think I have the answer to this one, but I'd like to have a confirmation; should I decide I don't like Markdown and uninstall it, will I have problems? Would I get past them by simply leaving Markdown be and stop using its markup syntax?
  • Kalli
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Ok... big questions... I know. Let's try an boil this down.

    I'm really just interested in knowing how the content saved to the database differs when using Markdown. Does the Markdown plugin only process things as they're saved to the database or is it also called when entries are retrieved and displayed?

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