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  1. robdumas
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I'm redesigning my site and considering moving from Movable Type to WP, but many of my entries are in Markdown. I really, really like Markdown and SmartyPants. I've not used Textile much, but Markdown feels more natural to me; also, I love SmartyPants because I'm a stickler for curly quotes.

    I understand there's a Markdown plugin for WP, but I have two questions:

    1) My "links" entries (automated posts from del.icio.us) are in HTML format. My written entries are in Markdown. Can I specify a default (say, HTML) and then make an individual post (i.e., when I start a written entry) Markdown?

    2) Is SmartyPants or an analog available for WP?

  2. skromta
    Posted 8 years ago #

    1 - Markdown leavs HTML as is so it should work without problem

    2 - Check this http://www.michelf.com/projects/php-markdown/

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